How do people make friends?

 I believe people just get talking and they find they have common interests and from the initial meeting they begin a friendship. From there when you spend time together you have great conversations and enjoy each other’s company. However that friendship entails a commitment continue to meet, talk to each other in person, online or over the phone no matter where you are.

 I believe there are also some conditions to being a friend.Some who were your willing to share your life with, that includes sharing your stories, your possessions and encouragement that helps each other through the good times and the times that you struggle.

A friendship is moreover hard work because of the time you spend with each other. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you are challenged by what friend may say or do those conflicts with your own beliefs and actions. Sometimes you have expectations and sometimes you may just need to ask.

 The bottom line is you just need someone to trust with your hopes, dreams and disappointments. Someone who will always believe in you even when you have stopped believing. That is what a true friend is.



Counting the Cost

 I often ask myself what motivates me to do things? Is it a passion, curiosity or just the need to get something done?

 In this weeks Gospel, Luke 20-20-26 the Pharisees send out spies to question Jesus on who they should pay taxes to the Emperor or not.

 Jesus says, “Give to the Emperor the things that are the Emperor’s and God the things that are God’s

 I believe what Jesus is stating is never take your eyes off the prize. In other words don’t curtail your passion or beliefs because once you do they become someone else’s. Furthermore they stifle not only who you are as a person but your work and pleasure in everyday life. For it is not everybody else you should be pleasing but God. Additionally, when you please God you end up pleasing others but more importantly yourself.