What Defines my Narrative.

I often think when I ponder about important decisions in my life how can I influence the outcome and how much is impacted by other people? When I reflect on this question, I believe there are a variety of reasons of what determines my narrative.

In Matthew, 16:25-26, Jesus says, “Anyone who will lose their life for my sake will find It.”So, where do we find a life that enhances not only our well-being but the well -being of others? I would argue that if I have positive relationships with my family, friends and with those people I encounter within my local community then the expectations I have to suit my own narrative become less demanding. Therefore, there is an opening for these connections to evolve rather than focussing on my own self- interest.

Furthermore, I believe when my expectations of others is not fixed, I open myself to greater possibilities of being pleasantly surprised in contrast to being disappointed and angry due to the actions of others. Additionally, it creates opportunities to build a support network which can help you overcome the challenges you face in life but also share in the celebrations. Thus, my narrative becomes one of a variety characters that continue to bring richness to my life.

“For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life.” Matthew 16:26. I think the narrative I aspire to live is one of developing efficacy and having people around me to comfort me in my setbacks and embrace me in my triumphs then I have gained the whole world.  A world of compassion and empathy where everyone is valued and appreciated. Hence, the Kingdom of God on earth.