Making the Right Response

In Luke 19: 1-10, Zacchaeus is asked by Jesus to come down from the sycamore tree so he can stay at his house that night.   I find it extremely interesting how Zacchaeus responds.

Firstly, Zacchaeus hurry’s down from the tree and was happy to welcome him. I would argue that sounds like Zacchaeus was thrilled to be invited to extend his hospitality to Jesus in his home. The question is why would this be?

I think a major reason would be that Jesus did not present a threat to him. Zacchaeus by acknowledging Jesus knew here was a person that was willing to give him a chance to begin again. He would accept Zacchaeus in a non judgemental manner and allow him to make amends for his previous actions in the future.

Zacchaeus then acknowledged Jesus’ personal touch by offering to give half of their possessions to the poor and those he defrauded to pay them back four times the amount. Thus because Jesus wanted to visit with Zacchaeus and show he respected him as much as anybody else Zacchaeus responded in kind.

I believe that when people take time and show they value somebody by engaging in conversation and spontaneously displaying an act of kindness that appreciation will be returned. Furthermore, judgement leads to conflict while kindness leads to peace and harmony. In other words the right response.