Believe in Jesus


In John 20:24-29 we read about Thomas who required proof of Jesus’ resurrection doubting the disciples recount of having seen him.   My first question is why was Thomas sceptical about the disciple’s story why wasn’t thrilled and looking forward to seeing Jesus again?

 My own interpretation is that maybe for Thomas it was too much to hope for and he didn’t want to be disappointed if it wasn’t true. Sometimes I think I deny myself the more difficult opportunities and go for the safe option because I know that will be achievable.For Thomas was it easier not to believe than to believe?

 Another possible reason is Thomas may have been let down when building his hopes up about successful outcomes and couldn’t face the prospect of it not being a reality.I wonder if this is why the gospel writer John wrote about Thomas needing to see the wounds to believe that Jesus had risen. Is it because of the previous wounds, (hurt and disappointment) that are the stumbling block to Thomas recognising the triumph of Jesus’ resurrection?


I would argue that at the times I feel like being Thomas I need to reflect on my faith to do the impossible and never look back at past failures but at future successes. Consequently, that will enable me to believe in not only the Risen Jesus but also in myself.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” (John 20:29)