The truth will set you free

Jesus speaks these words in John 8:32.

I ask myself this question but what do these words actually mean?

I believe this question can be answered in many ways. The most obvious answer is to be honest. Always tell the truth even if it means the outcome might be unfavourable. Sometimes you can be conflicted particularly if you are preventing someone else from harmful conclusion. I believe if your motives are well intentioned then the end result will be positive. However if you are lying to gain advantage or to discredit another more often than not you will be found out and your reputation will be damaged.

Another interpretation of these words is Jesus motivating us all to be seekers of the truth.  The mission being to search for what gives meaning and purpose to our lives centered on living the Gospel.  Hence, values that build relationships, promote charity, demonstrate love and give hope for a positive future.

The final interpretation is to voice the truth. I believe this displays actions of someone who never compromises himself or herself. A person who has strong convictions and will not lower their expectations to achieve their goals. Such a person was Jesus who despite all the obstacles he had to overcome achieved the ultimate triumph, rising from the dead. Furthermore his teachings and his mission left a legacy that millions of Christians proclaim throughout the world today.


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