So don’t get sidetracked

In the parable of the vineyard Matthew 20:1-16 workers grumble about the wages they were paid even though some worked longer hours than others.On the surface that decision looks unfair but if you dig a little deeper I would argue you could see the message Jesus was trying to get across to his followers.

I believe that Jesus is imploring us not to be concerned about what others are doing but to be accountable for own words and actions. Too often we get caught with a desire to blame others for our actions that we know can’t be justified. Hence the onus is on us to act fairly and justly not others.

Furthermore why worry about things we can’t control. Although we may be deeply emotional about situations that have not been favourable we  must abide by the circumstances that have arisen otherwise we will become frustrated and angry and not be able to act appropriately.

Finally they be some very good reasons why these decisions lead to the events that follow.  While we may not understand at the time when the situation occurs again, we may act more responsibly even though we may feel the end result is unfair and unjust.

So don’t get sidetracked remember Jesus’ words “ the last will be first and the first will be last.”




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