The 10 Commandments

Recently, I read a contemporary version of the 10 commandments I would just like to make a short comment about them, as I really like how they relate to the challenges we confront in everyday life.

Make your faith in God the most important thing in your life.

I believe if God were your number one priority the way you live your life would be filled with strong relationships with all of God’s creation. If you value humanity and creation accordingly the benefits will be great.

Use God’s name in the proper way.

By respecting God’s name we appreciate the special and sacred nature of God in our life.

Make Sunday a day to worship God

Reserve a special time for God demonstrates how important God is in our lives.

Love and respect your parents and follow their rules.

This is a great way to show how much you listen, love and appreciate what your parents have done for you.

Be kind to the people and animals God has made and care for the environment.

Caring for our cosmos ensures the world continues to be vibrant for future generations.

Look after and care for your own body.

I believe we are all Made in the Image of God. Hence, you should always regard your body as a temple of the Lord so if you harm it in anyway you are causing damage to God’s creation.

Take care of other peoples’ things – don’t take what doesn’t belong   you.

I would contend that we are called to share our lives and belongings with others and not be self-seeking.

Tell the truth.

Honesty I would claim prevents many problems for everyone down the track.

Keep your thoughts and words respectful.

Always treat people how you would like to be treated is the golden rule that everyone can aspire to.

Be happy with the things you have.

I have thought that when we feel content we are far more capable of giving to others.







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