Planting Seeds

In Mark 4: 26-29, Jesus speaks about the “Kingdom of God like a farmer scattering seed and in the morning producing grain.”

Reflecting on the verse I think Jesus believes our words and actions affect others words and actions. Hence this can lead to either inspiring or disengaging people in further actions that benefit both others and themselves.

So how do we know if our words and actions have guided others? I believe this can be demonstrated in many ways. Firstly, you may receive positive feedback where a person may affirm you for your work. Thus you feel encouraged to continue what you are doing and this may empower others to follow your lead. In Jesus’s parable the idea to plant the field grow food for others.

Secondly, people imitate your words and actions in what they say and do. They become passionate about your beliefs and work and extending into their own lives. This is evident both in their work and relationships with others. Furthermore it engages them to influence others and build on the beliefs and actions. In Jesus ‘ parable that because of the model of the first field others feel inspired to plant their own fields and therefore more people are nourished.

Thirdly, our words and actions lead to outcomes. If the process along with the words and actions has been positive and coherent the opportunity for a successful outcome may be attained. Additionally how the words and actions are interpreted and the relationships formed will determine future outcomes. In Jesus’ Parable that would not only be people working in the fields but transporting the food to homes and businesses while others are cooking and eating the food. Food that provides the energy for everyone to continue his or her endeavours.

Finally it is important that we continue to plant the fields to sustain the food source and provide opportunities for everyone to reap from the harvest. How we ‘nourish others’ depends on the fields and crops we plant, maintain and grow. The more love, care and attention they get the more they flourish and the more they feed others.

What would Jesus have planted?







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