Multiplying the Loaves and Fishes

Sometimes I face a dilemma and I have absolutely no idea how I can find a solution. I am sure Jesus’s disciples felt the same way when they were asked by Jesus to feed five thousand people. Furthermore, Andrew one of Jesus’ disciples pointed out the futility that the only food they had was five barley loaves and two fish. Saying, “but what are they among so many people.”

Nevertheless Jesus responded, “Make the people sit down.”

I have always wondered probably like the disciples when faced with the enormity of the task why he didn’t send them home to eat and reflect on his words and he would continue the teaching tomorrow. However I would argue that the real teaching comes from Jesus’ actions.

Jesus doesn’t panic because he knows that he has the power to offer the solution. Additionally he doesn’t rebuke the disciples for their lack of faith but remains focused on solving the problem. Hence he is not only working on feeding the crowd but also not alienating the apostles with a few cross words.

I wonder how many times I get flustered when face with a difficult task. Moreover how easy is it to lash out at others because you’re frustrated at the problem that has no easy answers? So I need to be level headed and not become irritated and affect my relationships with others along the way.

Hence, Jesus doesn’t worry about the logistics of providing food for five thousand people he just gets on with the task putting his faith in God to give sustenance to the masses.

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