Jesus wasn’t into Popularity Contests


 I wonder if Jesus was into popularity contests how would his mission to preach the Good News of the Kingdom would be undertaken? Would he have chosen to be friends with the Jewish priests and scribes and loyal to the Romans rather than the sinners, the infirmed and the poor?

 I think Jesus made the choices he did based on what was the best outcome for everyone not just a chosen few. This was evident when the decisions Jesus made ultimately led to his death. He showed he would not have compromised no matter the consequences.

 So when we make decisions do we make them to be popular or do we make them for the success of all? Do we fail to make the harder choices because of the consequences and harsh criticism that may result in a falling out with family, friends and other people within our community?

 Hence being popular requires hard work in keeping everyone satisfied. Contrast that with being true to your own values and acting selflessly which demands living without fear, and facing the consequences that your words and actions have on others.

 Today Jesus has many more followers than he did when he was alive and his mission of proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom lives on. He accepted adversity without complaint because he knew the prize, his resurrection will be the inspiration on which Christianity would continue to evolve. Perhaps that is why the Good News is for everyone not just a select few.





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