Be Fearless

In Luke 7:36 a “sinful woman” uninvited enters a Pharisee’s House an anoints and kisses Jesus’s hair and feet with perfumed oil.

 The first question that I would ask is did the woman have any preconceived ideas about what would happen when she entered the house?

I believe should would have known that the Pharisee would have been hostile to her presence. So what could she expect?

  Firstly, she knew entering house uninvited when the Pharisee had a special guest would make him furious. Secondly, she anticipated that the Pharisee would tell Jesus that this woman was of disreputable character.

So why enter the house?

 I believe her motive for entering the house was to be forgiven for her sins and upon receiving knowledge that Jesus was going to be in that house that night nothing was going to stop her from entering.

 Furthermore, I believe Jesus is the key and the woman went into the house knowing that he had the power to forgive her sins. Regardless of what other obstacles may be in way her sole goal was to seek Jesus’ forgiveness.

 What I find intriguing is how she sought Jesus’ forgiveness. The woman did this through her actions of anointing and kissing his hair and feet. She didn’t presume that Jesus would forgive her through a request and was determined to demonstrate her contrition through her actions towards the very person she knew could forgive her.

 So what is the message for us?

 Initially if we are the Pharisee not be quick to judge but be inclusive and most importantly never presume someone’s motives.

 Primarily if we are the sinful woman we must be fearless particularly if we seek forgiveness for our past mistakes. We must look to the source, (Jesus) that can begin the healing process. A process that not only reconciles us with others but also ourselves. Thus giving us greater self worth through knowing we are forgiven.

 Finally, if we are Jesus we need to always forgive unconditionally no matter the circumstances of any hurt we may feel as been inflicted by others towards us. Furthermore, when we have wronged others we need to seek Jesus and ask forgiveness.  I believe it requires great courage to pursue forgiveness from others but we need to be fearless both in actions and words so we able to forgive ourselves.

 As Jesus said, “Her sins which were many have been forgiven: hence she has shown great love.” Luke 7:47

Thus if we are fearless in our forgiveness how great would be our love for others.

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