What if Jesus was running for President?

In view of the upcoming US Presidential Election I have reflected on what would be Jesus’ platform if he was a candidate? I believe that Jesus would have delivered the Beatitudes, Matthew 5:1-12 as the cornerstone that underpinned his campaign.

He would have opened with “Blessed are the poor in spirit promising them with salvation not due to clever economic strategy but being rewarded into the kingdom of heaven.

For persons who mourn they will not be ignored but comforted by those who recognise their grief.

Jesus will assure the meek that they will no longer be taken advantage of for being gentle and kind but instead inherit the earth.

To campaigners who hunger and thirst for truth their views will be listened to and have laws instituted on the principles of social justice.

If you seek mercy for past hurts, you will not be vilified but forgiven.

To the people who act with honesty and integrity you are not naïve but will see God.

All who make time to create peace rather than conflict you will be called the children of God.

Finally, those who are persecuted for fairness and equality or falsely accused through someone deliberately undermining you or for religious beliefs rejoice and be glad for the greatest reward anyone can receive is in heaven.

So when Jesus argues these points in the great debate against other leaders how would he go? Would he be ridiculed and face trial by media declaring he is making promises that cannot be guaranteed? Or imagine if people voted Jesus and were willing to live according to his ideals it would be possible to glimpse heaven on earth.












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