Feeding the Five Thousand

In Mark 6:36, The disciples ask if they should send the crowds away to get something to eat. To which Jesus replies give the crowd something to eat.

Firstly, I would look at it from the point of view of the disciples as they were only working with five loaves and two fish. If I was a disciple I would be thinking this is an impossible task how can I possibly feed all this people? Immediately, I have closed my mind to any possibility of achieving this goal and just given up.

Secondly, there is Jesus who makes the request of the disciples to feed the crowd so obviously he thinks this goal is achievable. Does Jesus challenge the disciples because he knows he can make this happen or because he wants to garner the disciple’s response? Therefore, is Jesus testing the disciple’s faith in him to make feeding five thousand possible?

Finally, is this Gospel story really about the food or listening to Jesus’ words and actions that nourish us in our daily lives. Additionally, through the miracle we are now empowered to believe anything is possible. Furthermore, I think Jesus is asking us to not to give up our own goals when we faced with difficulties but to put our trust in others to support us in achieving successful outcomes. Moreover, also putting our faith in Jesus to make things happen after all isn’t that what faith is all about?

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