The Purpose of our Choices

In the Gospel of Mark 1:40-45 A Leper kneels before Jesus and says,

“if you choose you can make me clean.”

Jesus moved with pity stretches out his hand and touches his hand saying,

“I do choose be made clean.”

Immediately the leprosy left him and he was made clean.

There are two questions I ask myself about this passage.

Firstly, how did the Leper know Jesus could cure him?

Maybe word had filtered through to the Leper of Jesus’ healing power.

Thus, the Leper took a leap of faith and asked Jesus to heal him.

I wonder before Jesus’ arrival if his decision to beg for a healing                                                   was something he pondered over or was done on the spur of the moment?

Regardless, the Leper took his opportunity and his request was granted.

How many opportunities do I miss to achieve successful outcomes to  difficult situations because I neither seek support or seize the occasion?

Secondly, why did Jesus heal the Leper? In verse 41 we learn that Jesus was moved with pity but does the demonstration of Jesus’ healing power go deeper than that? I would argue that Jesus not only felt pity but also compelled to reveal God’s authority over all afflictions that humankind could not cure. Therefore, making God visible and available to all people who desire his graciousness. A God that is accessible not just to a select few but is open to everyone.

Finally, I would argue that this a story challenges us in our decision making to not only seek support when confronted with problems bit also assist others through their trials. Consequently, our the purpose of our choices is to make God visible in our relationships with those we encounter and in every aspect of our life.

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