Demand for a Sign

In Matthew 16:1 The Pharisees and Sadducees test Jesus by asking him for a sign from heaven. I wonder how many times I too ask Jesus for sign when circumstances don’t go my way. Sometimes it is easy to become frustrated when I feel situations conspire against me and need God’s help. No matter how many times I pray to God nothing seems to change. So, I tell myself this is what I need to do.

 Firstly, assess the situation and work out a plan to realise what I can do to work out a resolution to the issue. I feel if I am contributing to solving the problem then it doesn’t seem has great as I think it is.

 Secondly, asking my family and friends for help. I often feel pride can get in the road of me seeking assistance. I always think it is important that even if your friends can’t help you with your difficulties you can at least have someone who will listen to you and empathize with your challenges.

Finally, sometimes situations test us and then I am required to turn over my issues to God has only through prayer can a solution be achieved. Furthermore, while I feel I may have a cross to bear at the time I know it is essential to keep positive as I am sure that God is looking out for me. Hence, you don’t need a sign you just need to maintain your faith in God.







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