Growing in Faith

In Matthew 13:31-32 Jesus tells a parable about a mustard seed which grows into a large tree where even birds come to nest in it.

 Today, this parable could describe our modern day Christian Church. Jesus through his words and actions empowered his disciples to continue his mission and from there inspired by the message of the Gospel churches were built throughout the world.

 At last count there were 2.3 billion Christians spread across different nations globally.  That is 31% of the world’s population. How incredible that just from one man, Jesus, his twelve apostles and the early Christian Communities that from their words and actions Christianity is the largest religion in world today.

 However, like the mustard seed for Christian Communities to grow they must be welcoming and inviting places of worship where positive relationships are built and there is an opportunity for everyone to participate. A church that allows everyone no matter what age to express their faith and feel like they have a sense of ownership within that community. Thus, the Christian Church gives a sense of identity to each individual and place where they belong.

 Hence, for the Christian Church to continue each  Community throughout the world must be a place where each person is supported to be who they are and encouraged to share their faith with others. I believe that it is through such vibrant Communities that like the mustard seed that grows into a tree I can develop my faith and grow closer to God. Furthermore, like the birds nesting in the trees I can invite others to come and share their faith  and build the Christian Community.

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