Giving All

In Mark 12:41-44 Jesus tells the story of a poor widow that puts all the money she has to live on into the Church treasury. When I read this story, I continually reflect on why did the poor widow contribute so selflessly?

My reflection begins with trying to define the character traits of the widow through her generous act. Firstly, I believe her kind act demonstrates humility. A modesty that exhibits that by giving all her money she is focussed on contributing to Jesus’ mission and doing God’s will. Hence, the widow’s action causes me to reflect on how often I fail to let go of what is important which compromises my desire to act selflessly.

Secondly, the widow trusts in the process because of utmost belief that God will provide. Her faith is so unswerving that she does not question God’s providence. How often do I allow doubts to creep into my mind when circumstances force me into positions that take me out of my comfort zone? Sometimes when faced with such dilemmas I react instinctively instead of taking a step back and seeking God’s assistance.

Finally, I believe we can all learn from the widow’s strong faith. Her generosity of heart gives her a freedom and happiness that allows her to put in the two copper coins without hesitation not thinking about the hardship that they may cause to her quality of life. For me it is the constant struggle of finding a balance between the material and the spiritual needs in my life. However, I am continually inspired by the poor widow to give all I have to support others through my words and actions. Furthermore, she models a faith that trusts in God in all situations without wavering a character strength that I must continue to develop daily.

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