A Leap of Faith leads to fulfilling a Need

In Luke, 18:35-43 we have the story of the Blind Beggar who despite being asked by the crowd to be quiet persists in calling out to Jesus to ask for mercy.

“Son of David have mercy on me.” Luke, 18:39.

The inspiration I gain from the narrative of “Jesus heals a Blind Beggar near Jericho” is not only the courage and persistence of the blind beggar to ask for a healing but also Jesus despite his busyness displayed a willingness to help.

So, how does the blind beggar motivate me in my life? Well he seizes the opportunity. I wonder how many times in my life have I regretted not taking the opportunities I have been offered. When I think back, I hid behind the excuses of it wasn’t for me, not the right time or just I am happy at the moment. God is asking us to be courageous people not risk aversive.

Such a person was Jesus. Now Jesus could have ignored the voice and went on his way but instead he wanted to know who was crying out to him. Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” To which the blind beggar asks, “Lord let me see you again.” Luke, 18:42. Immediately, Jesus responds, “Receive your sight your faith has saved you.” Luke, 18:43. Therefore, Jesus saw a need and acted upon it because he had the capacity to help. Thus, Jesus challenges me not to walk past situations but to lend assistance wherever possible.

Ultimately, I continue Christ’s mission giving of my time and energy to assist others in their lives. Furthermore, to act when offered the chance  and to give guidance to others when I can. Maybe in those situations I am actually stirring the faith of others and bringing them closer to God.

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