Sticking to the Game Plan

In John 2:1-11, The Wedding at Cana, Mary tells Jesus they have no wine left at the Wedding. Jesus replies, “What concern is that to me my hour has not come yet?” However, Mary ignores the comment and instructs the servants to, “Do whatever he tells you.” So, Jesus asks them to fill six stone jars with water and through the power of the Holy Spirit it turns into the best tasting wine at the Wedding.

 For me Jesus’s unwillingness to change the water into wine is like the young sportsperson doubting their belief to successfully achieve their full potential. Mary according to the scripture just told the servants to do what Jesus told them. There was no time for contemplating the situation. Similarly, the coach of the young sportsperson asks them to perform to the best of their ability that enables the team to win. The bottom line was that both Mary and the Coach had the belief that Jesus and the young sportsperson would be successful.

 Secondly, what is going through the mind of Jesus’ and the young sportsperson has they are presenting for the first time under the public eye? Maybe, like Jesus the player is reluctant to take on the task the coach has asked for, however when the realisation kicks in that it is best for the team, they both attempt to fulfil their assignments to the best of their ability. When they have successfully achieved what they have been asked to do they experience elation about contributing to the team and the end result.

 Finally, Jesus and the young person by carrying out what they have been asked to do show they are team players who will do what is best for others rather than thinking of themselves. So, now people have witnessed Jesus’ first miracle and the young sportsperson’s first game now how do they deal with the scrutiny to go on to achieve their ultimate goals? That is Jesus doing God’s will and the young sportsperson having a successful career. Additionally, I would argue that would be always putting others before themselves and empowering them to utilise their talents to serve in a similar capacity. That is what I would call sticking to the game plan.


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