For God all things are Possible.

In Mark 10:27, Jesus states, “For mortals it is impossible, but not for God, for God all things are possible.” So how does God make things possible?
I often think when I am in a challenging situation where seemingly is not a quick fix I pray even more earnestly to God for a possible solution. However, I find that solution is more of a process.

Step one of the process is that I know that the final solution will not be the result that I originally sought. After all I seek to do God’s will not mine. So, bearing that in mind, I need to come to a satisfactory outcome that requires a change in how I approach the issue. Therefore, I need to analyse all the factors that are contributing to the problem and just not from my point of view.

Step two, God is asking me to take into account how the other parties are reacting to the dispute and are they interested in changing their position in dealing with the matter. Furthermore, I must differentiate my perceptions from their actual words and actions.

Step three, I think sometimes God provides a solution where things just take care of themselves. This means if I continue to pray for answers, act in a conciliatory manner towards other parties and allow the issues to take their natural course things do improve. Why? because as a mere mortal I don’t focus on the issue negatively but instead look at the possibilities with the view that God makes all things possible.

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