Seeking Clarity

On the day of Pentecost, “all of them were filled with Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability. “Acts, 1: 4. Sometimes, we need a catalyst to prompt us into action and for the Apostles that gave them the courage and the gift of languages to boldly proclaim Christ’s mission. Pope Francis declares, the spirit frees hearts chained by fear and opens hearts that are closed. How often do I hold back from the challenges that arise daily in my relationships with others because I am uncertain of how people may react.? If the apostles held back because they felt they weren’t ready maybe 2000 years later we wouldn’t have known about Jesus. For me I wonder what other reasons suppress my desire to act freely in how I live my life?

So, the first obstacle I face is determining when to listen and when to speak. The lack of clarity that goes through my head leads me to be unsure of how I want to express myself in certain situations. However, Pope Francis,” impels us not to be comfortable but to drive to new directions making the lukewarm thrill to new dreams. That is what it means to change hearts.” (Crux taking the Catholic Pulse) In other words never die wondering about what is possible.

The second barrier is busyness. How often do I hide behind I have a lot on, to I just need to finish this off, that prevents me from taking the opportunities that may be available to me? Perhaps I am resistant to change and I like to be surrounded by circumstances that I at least I have some power in directing the outcome. I feel it is when I lose control of the situation and am reliant on other factors that doubt creeps in. Thus, my reluctance to make a decision results in me making no decision on all.

The final hurdle is having a decision thrust upon you.  In other words, having to make an assessment with no time to think it through. In these cases, I have to trust my own judgement hoping that the course of action I have taken achieves a positive outcome.  At least I see the results of my determination evolving in front of me.

Jesus has demonstrated that through his death and resurrection we don’t always have to benefit from the choices we make however, it is not inconceivable that other people might be the beneficiaries. So, when seeking clarity, possibly the answer is just make a decision no matter the cost.

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