Looking Deeper

In Luke 10: 23 Jesus turns to his disciples and says, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!” This would have to be one of my favourite scripture verses because to me it implies that you go beyond looking at how life is but what it could be.  So, when I unpack this statement my initial thought is that you have the ability to see possibilities. Therefore, to be able to do that I would argue this requires a faith component.

 The question I now ask is why is this an essential factor?  I believe that through my faith I have a sense of optimism in my life. No matter the daily challenges I face I know when I pray or read scripture I am inspired and a positive outcome is achievable not only for now but for the future.

 Through deeper reflection I reaIise my journey of faith is a strong influence for who I am today and in the future.  I think about the different challenges I have faced throughout my life and how it has shaped my decision-making learning both from my successes and my triumphs. Moreover, understanding and acknowledging that God was a major presence in my life along the way.

 My final thoughts are that I need to peel off the layers and go straight to the heart of the matter seeing people and situations for what they really are and not what I perceive them to be. What that demands of me is allowing myself to be vulnerable and placing my trust in God.


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