Continuing Christ’s Mission

“Jesus showed himself to the Eleven, and said to them,                                                           “Go out to the whole world, proclaim the Good News to all creation.”  Mark 16:15                               Thus, Jesus was commissioning the disciples to continue his ministry. So, what did that entail?

Consequently, the disciples would now have to proclaim Jesus’ teachings to all nations so that all people would know that Jesus through his death and resurrection had come to give everyone the opportunity to gain eternal life. The question is how did the disciples   encourage people from different cultures and beliefs to embrace the Gospel values and the promise of salvation?  Accordingly, God sent the Holy Spirit to give the disciples the necessary tools as they embarked on their mission. They were the gift of tongues which enabled them to speak in the languages of all nations and the fruits and gifts of the spirit which could assist them in overcoming the many obstacles they faced along the way.

Subsequently, the disciples became very authoritative witnesses of the Gospel which was sustained through the power of the Holy Spirit. That enabled them to perform miracles as well as offering fellowship to those wishing to become Christians while supporting them on their faith journey. Nevertheless, despite their great work many of them were martyred for their beliefs however, their legacy inspired a hard core of believers to continue Christ’s mission which continues on today.

Hence, as Christians how do we inspire people to be instrumental in what Jesus started 2021 years ago? I believe that for me it begins and ends with our personal relationship with Jesus. My faith is centred on Jesus and I believe he is the great model for all teachers the greatest teacher of all who in proclaiming the reign of God through his ministry lived these words: ‘What can I do to help?” For me this begins through being welcoming and being inclusive of all staff, parents, students and members of the local community, witnessing my faith and acknowledging that each person and living thing is made in the image of God. express these qualities through my commitment to the Christian faith, and modelling respect, compassion and faith in the community.  This will be evident in my response to each person or situation I encounter and my profession of faith which I celebrate by using my gifts in the assembled community at Mass, in the sacraments, in daily prayer, reflection, and pastoral care of Church and School Community members. Thus, inspired by Jesus, the disciples and those Christians throughout the years I feel my faith asks of me to continue to proclaim the good news of Christ’s mission. Therefore, hopefully people will still know about Jesus in 2021 years time.

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