The Trinity at work today

Last week the Church celebrated Trinity Sunday, which triggered my reflection on how the Trinity actually works here on Earth to continue God’s mission.

I believe that an earthly image of the Trinity is the Holy Family, of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The action that was lived by Jesus, Mary and Joseph was to do God’s will. Furthermore their mission to evangelize and proclaim the Christian faith that we all belong to God’s Family. I believe there is no more powerful witness than a family working together to do God’s will.

 Another image of the Trinity is that the Earth is a place of abundant and exuberant life. Furthermore creation evolves into relationships that are all interconnected with ecological systems. They are interdependent not only with each other but also the Earth’s atmosphere, seas, rivers, lakes and land.

Saint Bonaventure believes that the Theology of Creation is connected with the Theology of the Trinity. He argues that when God freely choses to create the fruitfulness of trinitarian life it finds wonderful expression in the diversity of creatures. Each creature is a self-expression of the Trinity.

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin identifies the Trinity as Christ operating at the heart of the universe and is the prime mover of evolution. He is the one who actuates the energies of the universe. God is present in our creativity and suffering. The Spirit will transform the earth by the power of love.

Denis Edwards uses the image of a sparrow to demonstrate the actions of the Trinity. God dwells in and loves every creature.

“Every sparrow is known and loved by God.”

“Every sparrow is inscribed in the eternal life of God through

the life giving Spirit.”

“Every sparrow participates in the redemption of Christ.”

When it dies it is released from oppression and born again.

Every sparrow can be thought of as eternally held

in the living memory of the Trinity.

Another image of the Trinity is celebrated at the Liturgy of the Eucharist in the Mass. God lifts the gifts of creation, the Spirit is invoked to transform the gifts of creation and the assembled community into Christ’s body. Hence the nourishment of the Faith Community comes from the actions of the Trinity.

Scott’s image of the Trinity states that The Eucharist is divine hospitality that is extended to all creatures encompassing all nations. In the Spirit the assembly is made one in Christ. We are in communion with God that has no borders but reaches out to embrace all of God’s creatures. Thus the desire to invite others into our lives displays a longing to include everyone.

Denis Edwards believes that Trinity reflects that all God’s creatures are made in the Image of God. The Spirit is God at work in the evolving process of Creation. That each of God’s creatures exhibits a diversity and unity that are not opposed but flourish in relation to each other. For it is Christ’s resurrection that is the promise and beginning of the transformation of all things in Christ. Hence it is the Trinity that continues to transform the changing face of God’s mission on Earth through God’s creation, Jesus’s powerful witness in the Gospel and the Spirit’s gifts and fruits, freely available for all of us to utilise.

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